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A wooded limestone ridge of high bio-diversity, interspersed with species rich grassland

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Pudding Bag

We were at Wilderhope again on Tuesday, finishing off work in our wild flower meadow the 'pudding bag'. There are many theories why it has that name, one is that people used to use a small piece of cloth as a pudding bag and the meadow is a very small awkward bit of land, another is because the meadow has lots of fruit trees and strawberries growing in it so people would pick their pudding from there. Who knows, what's your theory? 

 Now we have removed the brash the flowers will thrive. Cowslips and primroses are already responding to more light in the meadow. 

Wild flowers at Wilderhope

Last Tuesday we and our volunteers were in Longville Coppice clearing brash off the track and burning it. At the end of the day, we spotted lots of beautiful flowering bluebells and early purple orchids scattered throughout the wood on the slope.

We decided to walk back to Wilderhope Manor a different way on the way back and in the middle of our field above Longville coppice, I saw the most cowslips I've ever seen in one place. It was beautiful! 

Conservation on a cliff edge

A big thanks to Shropshire and Staffordshire National Trust Volunteers (SSNTV) who gave up their time on Sunday to clear blackthorn on a cliff edge at Roman bank. We could already see the benefits of a previous clearance with early purple orchids galore!!

Monday, 20 April 2015

A good job well done.. sheep!

We are very pleased with our Hebridean sheep who graze our meadows, now is the time of year that you can begin to see the impact they have had. By keeping down vigorous plants like nettles and brambles our sheep have allowed wild flowers to come through. You might see these cheeky chaps in Ippikins and Ballstone.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Wenlock's wild flowers

The Wenlock woods and meadows are filled with beautiful wild flowers, look out for wood sorrel, barren strawberry, ground ivy and many more!

Wood anenomes are doing really well especially down in Northway wood.

There are some lovely specimens of Lesser Celandine at Knowle quarry, Presthope and at Wilderhope, near the stream.

Wilderhope is a great place to see cowslips and primroses.

Violets are springing up everywhere, a good place to spot them is on the path above Lea quarry.

Early purple orchids have been spotted flowering in Longville coppice (look for their spotty leaves) and bluebells are starting to come out too.

Show us your wild flower photos by posting on our Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/nationaltrustwenlockedge

Saturday, 11 April 2015

A perfect day for an office outdoors

 On Thursday you may have spotted us pulling and stacking timber on the jenny wind walk, the weather was gorgeous, wood anenomes and violets were flowering and we had a great view from where we had our lunch.

Our Wilderhope Swifts

Wilderhope has one of the biggest colonies of swifts in Shropshire which has been a very important consideration when re-roofing the Manor house. The National Trust have worked closely with the swift group and have installed a number of swift boxes in the roof as well as leaving openings where swifts can enter. We will then monitor whether these boxes are being used next year.